First date 2/23/2018, engaged 2/23/2019 and married 2/22/2020.

This day/time of year is very special to Tom & Nichole because it highlights important days in their love story, but the days in between have been filled with so much love that neither of them have ever experienced before.

Nichole & Tom met in Downtown Annapolis at Armadillo’s Tom and some of his friends were in the bar when Nichole and her friends came in. Tom says his side of the story is that right away he was drawn to her and wanted to know more about her. The rest is history…

Tom proposed on their one year anniversary. They had dinner plans and as Nichole was finishing getting ready for dinner, he had her dad pre-planned to call him to have him come over to help him out to do something. So they decided that they would swing over there really quickly to help him and then head on to their dinner reservation. When they arrived Nichole opened the door, she realized what was happening. The front sitting room was filled with roses and balloons that said, will you marry me? He took her over in front of the fireplace and said the sweetest things.

From the Groom:

“From the first night we met in Annapolis I was drawn to her. I wanted to know more. I pursued her from the start and just loved so many qualities about her the more I got to know her. We went through a lot in our first few months together with our families and it brought us close together. Everything just felt right.”

From the Bride:

“Tom definitely had to pursue me at first, but after a short amount of time I knew that I couldn’t imagine my life without him in it. My grandfather and his Dad were both really sick when we first started dating and we quickly had to come together to really support each other. I knew then how much I loved him. Even though he was grieving himself, he still was there 100 percent for my family and I.”

Nichole & Tom are best friends who love traveling, exploring new places, trying new foods, and love to live life fully. They both value family and love spending time with their loved ones. They also love the comfort of their little home with their sweetest pup, Chester.

They have the sweetest thing I got to see as they witnessed the most beautiful sunset. “Babe look how beautiful it is, it is one of those 5 minute moments” They both stood there and just soaked in the moment with beautiful sunset views and the love between them on their wedding day. It was seriously the sweetest most pure moment.